Landscape: Panorama


Week 8’s challenge was to do a Panorama of a Landscape. I think we were supposed to do it with an actual camera and stitch them together.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do with that. And trying to take photos with your standard camera while trying to keep track of your dog, who is excited to be out,  doesn’t work out so well. So I settled for my phone. It took me five tries in several places before I got one that I was satisfied with. The sky is my favorite part of this photo.

This is at the Rocky Valley trail at Pinnacle Mountain. You can find more of my photos from that hike on Arkansas Women Bloggers. I did there Wordless Wednesday for this past week.

Tell someone’s story
without showing their face

Portrait Faceless

This week’s Dogwood 52 week photo challenge was a portrait telling someone’s story without showing their face. It took me  half a dozen tries to get this photo of Barbie right. The necklace didn’t sit right or it kept falling apart. I originally had it as a full pearl necklace but it covered up part of her tattoo. I wanted all of the tattoo to be seen. So I then had the idea to use museum wax to hold it in place and drape it around her back and frame the tattoo. I finally was able to get it after about an hour of working on this necklace. I also love the way the light comes in from the window. I had done this with another photo and had to make sure I did it at the exact same time as the other.

The pearls represent Barbie’s classiness and the tattoo is her controversy. And trust me this doll caused a lot of controversy when she came out, which is one of the things I love about her.

Week 6: Candy


Alright this week’s challenge proved a lot harder than I thought it would be. We had to use candy, which you know should be pretty easy. I decided I wanted to recreate Annie Leibovitz’s Whoopi Goldberg photo with Barbie in Candy instead of milk. The concept was great. I am not sure I executed it very well. This was my last try and I took it on my cell phone, which when I am trying to get better at my photography is not something I want to do.


This one was from my first attempt and was the one most people liked. I liked it too. But I wanted a full body shot. And some of my original photos were a little disturbing so I was glad when I finally got the one I turned in.