Hey Everyone,
So its been a really long time since I updated. And I am so sorry for that. Jake was in school studying to be a LPN so our travels weren’t as many as they had been. We didn’t get out much. But he graduated in December and I can not be more proud of him. He did so well. And he is so amazing. But with that means that we get to go back to adventuring. YAY!!! I can’t wait. And tomorrow is our first trip out for the New Year!!! So stay tuned to see whats up

A sunny beach vacation to Panama city Beach


Non-working vacations are very rare for me. Taking a vacation that last longer than two days is also very rare for. So this past June, my husband’s sister invited us to go with her to Panama City Beach. I have never been to the beach at least as far as I can recall. And I had a blast. For a whole week I did basically nothing, with some fun stuff thrown in.

Panama City Beach

We stayed in this really cute condo that is located along 30-A  and was located 70 yards from the beach. We could walk there. It was so amazing. This is my first view of the ocean and boy was it beautiful. It was hot but with the breeze coming off the ocean it wasn’t to bad.


Day two was spent at the farmer’s market in Seaside. It was smaller than what I am used but we came home with some yummy tomatoes and cucumbers.

Grayton Beach

On Wednesday we got to see the Sand Dunes at Grayton Beach. Here we really felt the heat from the sun bouncing off the white sand dunes. We didn’t even make the whole 1 mile trail they had it was so hot. And we usually have no problem on hikes. Poor Benton was even panting.


I got to see DOLPHINS!!! We took a dolphin tour with Blue Dolphins Tour. It was amazing. We didn’t see them on our first drive-thru but when we came back from our trip to collect sand dollars we finally got to see them. It was so amazing. The dolphin tour lets you swim with them but they decided they did not wish to cooperate. I also chickened out at the last second and decided not to get in the water. He was not a fan of the swimming with dolphins idea. So he was happy when I decided not to go. Here is a short clip of the dolphins. You don’t see them for very long.


These dolphins came up along the side of the boat. It was so amazing. I would love to do a tour again.

panama city beach

The beach on our last day enjoying the sunset. Our trip was amazing. I had a wonderful time and hope I will get to go back. The food we had was also amazing. I got to eat Gulf Shrimp actually from the gulf and lobster. So good.

So I said I was back and that obviously didn’t happen but it will tonight. I just finished cleaning off my SD Cards. Now it is time to go through them to see what need to be uploaded here and on Facebook. Yay!! So there will probably be lots of updates. So the first things first. I moved out of my parents house back in April. That was awesome. My sister and I love it. We are so happy to be out. I have also been working on my Barbie exhibit. I am so excited. It opens on Friday. My mom made a dress that kind of looks like Campus Sweetheart Barbie’s not exact but pretty darn close. I love it. She did an excellent job. I can’t wait to see what the exhibit looks like. The cases are done but nothing else is done. They used all but 4 pieces. The collection I turned in was like 100 pieces, which included doll houses, cars, dolls, adventure books and much much more. I also will be in the paper tomorrow in the Weekend Style section. I am so happy. Ok that is it for this blog. More to come soon.