Top 10 reasons I love
the War Eagle Craft Fair


Every year my family attends the annual War Eagle Craft Fair in Rogers, Arkansas. Unfortunately, I have not always been able to go with them. Usually because of work or school. But this year I got to go and Jake was able to go with me. Barbie came along with us. Here are our top 10 reasons we love the War Eagle Craft Fair.


10. Food — One of my favorite things is the food. I tend to go more for the safer than the others do. So I stuck to nachos and a hot dog. They have everything from fully loaded potatoes to burgers to polish sausages. I also love getting the strawberry lemonade. It is the best thing you will ever drink.


9. Funnel Cake My mom and my sister love to get funnel cake. It is the one thing they get every year. This year they had turtle funnel cake. It was drizzled in chocolate. They loved it and so did Barbie.


8. Strawberry Crepe My favorite dessert to get is strawberry crepe. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it. Oops. But it was so good I could not wait.


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Barbie makes a visit to the Esse Purse Museum

Recently my friend Marsha Stone had her vintage Barbie hosted at the Esse Purse Museum. I loved them all. She had everything from Dolls, to accessories, games and so much more.


My favorite Barbie from her collection was the American Airlines. I loved her hat and her bag and her cute dress.
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This Our Wedding Day….

The biggest thing to happen to me last year was I got married. It was the most beautiful, exciting, happiest day of my life. I could not believe it. It was Doctor Who and Barbie themed. I wore a Barbie dress. David’s Bridal had made a dress for Barbie and I got the full size replica of it. It was awesome. Jacob and his groomsmen wore black tuxes with royal blue bow ties. Our wedding was held at the Cathedral of St. Andrew, our home parish. I have loved that church forever and was determined that my wedding would be held there. It was so beautiful.

My beautiful bridesmaids and me.

My beautiful bridesmaids wore black dresses with a pink underlay. Jacob had a groomsmaid and her dress was black with a blue underlay. Everyone loved their dresses so I was super happy.
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