Tell someone’s story
without showing their face

Portrait Faceless

This week’s Dogwood 52 week photo challenge was a portrait¬†telling someone’s story without showing their face. It took me ¬†half a dozen tries to get this photo of Barbie right. The necklace didn’t sit right or it kept falling apart. I originally had it as a full pearl necklace but it covered up part of her tattoo. I wanted all of the tattoo to be seen. So I then had the idea to use museum wax to hold it in place and drape it around her back and frame the tattoo. I finally was able to get it after about an hour of working on this necklace. I also love the way the light comes in from the window. I had done this with another photo and had to make sure I did it at the exact same time as the other.

The pearls represent Barbie’s classiness and the tattoo is her controversy. And trust me this doll caused a lot of controversy when she came out, which is one of the things I love about her.

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