Barbie has a new set of curves


I don’t normally write posts like this. I prefer to stick to my travels and photographing my dolls. Everyone knows I am a Barbie Collector and will want to know my opinion.

For a couple of days now Barbie and Mattel have been  counting down to something. What that was no one knew. This morning we found out and what I woke up to on my Facebook about had I seen her.  Apparently, she has got a new set of curves.

Now let me preface this with saying that I like my Barbie. The one I grew up with. She is the one I know and love and will continue to love.  But I like the idea of Mattel of doing something different with her. That is the point to Barbie. She evolves with our times. That is her job. Her new body types are part of that evolution. So kudos to Mattel for that.

The new dolls are cute and well done. I like them. Do I like them all?  NO.   I think the curvy one looks a little dumpy but that could be some of the outfits. . But that is my opinion and I am entitled to it. You do not have to agree with me.  I do like the petite and tall. Probably because she is short and looks like me.  We all come in different shapes and sizes and now so does Barbie.

I have never criticized Barbie for her looks. Why? Because she is a doll. She is meant to be played with and enjoyed. If we get so wrapped up in what she looks like then we forget what she was made for. For girls to dream about what they can be and not what they look like.  Hopefully this will get everyone to shut up about her body. But I very much doubt that. They will just find something new about her to complain about.

I will probably get one of each of the new dolls just so I can have them. I  want to see what they look like in person and not as a promo. Promos are way different then the real life. Just ask every BFC member who is unhappy with the new silkstone doll that just came out.  LOL!!

Here is the article on the new dolls done by Time Magazine. It’s really well done and talks about all the points someone would be concerned about. You can also get the dolls here.

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