This Our Wedding Day….

The biggest thing to happen to me last year was I got married. It was the most beautiful, exciting, happiest day of my life. I could not believe it. It was Doctor Who and Barbie themed. I wore a Barbie dress. David’s Bridal had made a dress for Barbie and I got the full size replica of it. It was awesome. Jacob and his groomsmen wore black tuxes with royal blue bow ties. Our wedding was held at the Cathedral of St. Andrew, our home parish. I have loved that church forever and was determined that my wedding would be held there. It was so beautiful.

My beautiful bridesmaids and me.

My beautiful bridesmaids wore black dresses with a pink underlay. Jacob had a groomsmaid and her dress was black with a blue underlay. Everyone loved their dresses so I was super happy.

Jake's Cake

My Cake

These beautiful cakes were made by Natalie Madison’s Artisan Cakes. There were so tasty. Jake’s cake was shaped like the TARDIS and was Italian Cream Cake and Dark Chocolate walls. My cake has Barbie and the TARDIS on top and the TARDIS had a bow tie on of it. The design on the sides was the exploding TARDIS painting. It was magical. I loved it. We also had mini pies because Jake and I don’t really like cake but you know everyone else does. All cake photos above belong to Natalie Madison.

My Cake Toppers

My beautiful cake toppers by Natalie.  I loved the bow tie. Our DJ was from Central Arkansas Entertainment and was awesome. He played all the right music and did a great job. Sadly his name escapes me. Our food was catered by Dinner’s Ready in Benton. My sister had recommended them to me because they catered her proms at the high school where she works. They did not disappoint everything we go to actually east was great. We loved it.

Here is Barbie and the Doctor has part of my table decorations.


My photographer was Michelle Posey and she took this lovely picture along with many others.

My face when I saw surprise.

Our day ended with an awesome surprise. Jacob got us a carriage. We drove it through downtown Little Rock and to the Baker House in North Little Rock. The carriage ride was amazing. There was little girl who saw and she was so excited she had her hand over her mouth. It was awesome. I felt like Cinderella, which is what Jake said he wanted.

Baker House Bed and Breakfast

We spent our wedding night at the Baker House in North Little Rock. It was beautiful. We had the room in the turret. Our room was on the top floor. I have always wanted a house with a turret so staying in one is the next best thing.

Riverfront Steakhouse

We also had dinner at the Riverfront Steakhouse. So delicious. It was all a beautiful day. I loved every minute of it. Up next will be the honeymoon.

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