Swimming and Grilling

I am a lot late on this post. Last year my friends and I went to Lake Sylvia for swimming and grilling festivities. We decided that we would do it again this year and we decided to add camping onto the agenda. My fiancée was in much need of a vacation. So camping we would go. This year’s trip took us to DeGray Lake. Normally when we go camping we stay at the state parks. This year sadly that did not happen. DeGray Lake State Park’s computers were all down. Instead we ended up at Edgewood campgrounds run by the Corps. of Engineers. It was pretty awesome.

Degray Lake State Park For Christmas Jake’s brother Michael got basically what amounts to a machete. They took it on one of their camping trips just as a joke. Who knew it would come in handy for chopping wood? Michael became our designated fire wood chopper, and he kept the fire going for most of our trip. Degray Lake State Park

This post  was supposed to be my first Barbie goes traveling with us but I didn’t get it done in time. But Barbie did go camping with us.

Degray Lake State Park

We decided that our dogs needed an adventure as well so we brought Oliver and Benton with us. At one point during the trip Oliver wandered off while we were fixing the tents. Scared the crap out of us. Needless to say Oliver spent the rest of his trip on his leash and attached to something. It was kind of sad. Felt bad for the poor puppy. He learned not to wander off again. We had a great time and can’t wait for our trip next year.

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