My First Barbie Auction

This past Saturday I got to go to my first Barbie Auction. I was very excited. I talked about it all week. It was in Quitman, AR and the woman whose things were being auctioned off had a lot of Barbie dolls. I was in Barbie collector heaven. I wanted to take them all home. There was one 6 foot trailer full of Barbie dolls, a smaller trailer, and house full of play line dolls. There were also mats full of dolls. I  could not believe how many dolls there were. Here is one photo of the trailers.

Here is one of the Barbie trailers

I had to make myself a list so I would only get the ones I really wanted, thats how many there were. I didn’t know where to start. I knew wanted to go home with at least 4 dolls and stay under budget. I was fortunate and managed to do that. I came home with a silkstone, who was also a bride, named Maria Therese, Victorian Holiday, Holiday Treasures, and Galadriel. My parents got me the 1959 Wedding Reproduction set. Here are pictures of all my new dollies. So I was pretty happy with myself.





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