A Family Vacation to Tennessee and North Carolina

Heather at Biltmore

It has been a while. And that is entirely my fault. Jacob started a new job this year and our weekend schedules are different so we don’t get to travel as much as we used. And we really missed it. I did get to go to Tennessee in May with my family for a cousin’s high school graduation. I wanted to as much as we could while we were there but I was only allowed to pick two things. My parents keep telling me that they are old and can’t do as much as me. Lies I tell you.

Biltmore Manor


On our first full day of visiting my aunt, we spent in Asheville, NC exploring Biltmore Manor. Construction on the manor began in 1889 by George Vanderbilt and opened to family and friend on Christmas Eve 1895. And it is truly magnificent. The manor contains 33 family and guest bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, three kitchens, and an indoor swimming pool.


The indoor boiling alley was my dad’s favorite room in the manor. The bowling alley was one of the first built in a private home.


The Halloween Room was my favorite room in the manor. Each section of the wall is different because guests of the Vanderbilts painted the scenes during a party one Halloween Night. You can see more of them here.


All the bathtubs in Biltmore Manor have these buttons on the back wall above the tub. As we were touring the house one of the guides gave us homework to figure out what exactly these buttons do. Well, the tubs in the manor are deep and it’s hard to get in and out of them. THe ladies of the house used the buttons to call for servants to help them get out of the tub.

My Hat

Every time I travel, I always try to come back with something different. In New Orleans, it was my masquerade mask. At the Biltmore, it was this awesome cloche hat. Hats are one my favorites accessories.

There is my visit to Biltmore Manor, and we had an amazing time there. We hope to go back one year for Christmas. It is supposed to be amazingly beautiful that time of year. and we want to see it. For my photos from my trip check out my Flickr Album.

You can find out more about the Biltmore Manor at their website.

Hey Everyone,
So its been a really long time since I updated. And I am so sorry for that. Jake was in school studying to be a LPN so our travels weren’t as many as they had been. We didn’t get out much. But he graduated in December and I can not be more proud of him. He did so well. And he is so amazing. But with that means that we get to go back to adventuring. YAY!!! I can’t wait. And tomorrow is our first trip out for the New Year!!! So stay tuned to see whats up

A sunny beach vacation to Panama city Beach


Non-working vacations are very rare for me. Taking a vacation that last longer than two days is also very rare for. So this past June, my husband’s sister invited us to go with her to Panama City Beach. I have never been to the beach at least as far as I can recall. And I had a blast. For a whole week I did basically nothing, with some fun stuff thrown in.

Panama City Beach

We stayed in this really cute condo that is located along 30-A  and was located 70 yards from the beach. We could walk there. It was so amazing. This is my first view of the ocean and boy was it beautiful. It was hot but with the breeze coming off the ocean it wasn’t to bad.


Day two was spent at the farmer’s market in Seaside. It was smaller than what I am used but we came home with some yummy tomatoes and cucumbers.

Grayton Beach

On Wednesday we got to see the Sand Dunes at Grayton Beach. Here we really felt the heat from the sun bouncing off the white sand dunes. We didn’t even make the whole 1 mile trail they had it was so hot. And we usually have no problem on hikes. Poor Benton was even panting.


I got to see DOLPHINS!!! We took a dolphin tour with Blue Dolphins Tour. It was amazing. We didn’t see them on our first drive-thru but when we came back from our trip to collect sand dollars we finally got to see them. It was so amazing. The dolphin tour lets you swim with them but they decided they did not wish to cooperate. I also chickened out at the last second and decided not to get in the water. He was not a fan of the swimming with dolphins idea. So he was happy when I decided not to go. Here is a short clip of the dolphins. You don’t see them for very long.


These dolphins came up along the side of the boat. It was so amazing. I would love to do a tour again.

panama city beach

The beach on our last day enjoying the sunset. Our trip was amazing. I had a wonderful time and hope I will get to go back. The food we had was also amazing. I got to eat Gulf Shrimp actually from the gulf and lobster. So good.